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Stone Web Development offers Search Engine Optimization Services.

How is your website ranked on the Search Engines? Stone Web Development can run a rankings report for your website upon your request. Simply fill out the request form for your company, pay the invoice and we will send you a report that shows what you are ranked on the major search engines or others upon request. This can help verify what you are all ready receiving from your Search Engine Provider or we can assist you with your search engine needs!

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Search Engine Reports or SEO Reports, are scanned to the first 500 search entries under your search terms. This will allow you to see how many competitors you have under those search terms and what number you are ranked. Yahoo does not list number of competitors.

If you want to group your search terms; for example Bakery Madison WI, please separate the whole group by a comma so I know where the break resides.

Our continuing SEO services include a monthly anlalysis report for your business.

Thank You! If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us!

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